Stevie Stats Official Statement Addressing The Brain Fry Trivia Scandal


First off I would like to say thank you to the fans and all Brain Fryers for sticking by me through this tough time. I know who the real ones are that stood by me at my lowest point (cough cough not John).

For people who don’t know, I host a weekly trivia show every Wednesday LIVE on the Branded Twitter page. This week we had quite the matchup between small puppy guy John & fedora guy Mac. In case you missed the matchup I’ll drop the video below.

For background on the scandal, make sure to peep John’s OG blog. He does a good job of going through the match round by round & laying out the events in real time.

BTW its not Trivia Fry John – it is ‘Brain Fry Trivia’. As stated right there in the graphic. If you’re going to put my name on your lips – make sure to come correct.

Stevie Fake Stats? How I was robbed of a rightful Trivia Fry victory

On to the scandal – no lie that’s some damning evidence & all I can say is I fucked up. Hand up I relied too much on my interns to keep score & they let me down.

Real talk though, I feel bad that I messed up. I am slightly a perfectionist when it comes to the content I release & always strive to put on a perfect product. The last thing I want is a fuck up to derail the whole show – which this obviously did.

I can’t believe I’m actually going to admit this but I wish Eddie was competing because there’s no way in hell he would have let this blunder go. He would have screamed and yelled about how he’s much much smarter than me and how dumb I am that I couldn’t keep score correctly. I would then change the score while insulting his looks or eating habits & all would be good. Instead – we have a scandal.

Going forward, I must be better & that is why I am implementing a new rule for all future Brain Fry’s. From now on I will physically write the scores on a piece of paper and wait until both players agree that is the correct score. By doing this we cut out any of the guess work and always make sure the product comes correct to the consumer.

I think the only fair thing to do would give John the option to take the win (lame way out) or have an official rematch next week with Mac (obviously the only choice) to put this whole thing to rest.

Stay tuned for the verdict and check out Brain Fry next Wednesday at 6 ET on the @branded_sports Twitter page.

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