Stevie Fake Stats? How I was robbed of a rightful Trivia Fry victory

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Last night I went head to head with Mac in Stevie Stats’ Trivia Game Show ‘Trivia Fry’. It was a great battle, but in the end, I came up just short. Or did I?? I did not complain at the time. The questions were fair, and I took my loss like a gentleman. Pure class from me.

It wasn’t until after the show when long time friend of the JohnRichTV program Adam Furnas (@adamfurnas) tipped me off to something deeply, deeply disturbing. I was cheated out of a point.. And the point I was cheated out of.. it was rewarded to Mac. So really I was cheated of out 2 points.


 Before I get into it, let’s review the rules of Trivia Fry. Please pay special attention to the rule that states “First To 8 Points Wins”.



To prove my case, I will give a brief recap of every round, up to the point where you can clearly see that I have been cheated.


Round 1 – Fighting

Mac misses the opening Over/Under question, but beats John in the Alternate Answer sections.

SCORE: 1-0 Mac


Round 2 – NHL

John gets his Over/Under question correct, but once again Mac wins the Alternate Answer. Poor showing by me not able to list more than a few NHL playoff teams from last year.

SCORE: 2-1 Mac


Round 3 – Patriots

Mac gets his Over/Under question correct, but this time John wins the Alternate Answer.

SCORE: 3-2 Mac


Round 4 – MAC

John gets his Over/Under question correct, AND wins the alternate question.

SCORE: 4-3 John


Round 5 – Geography

Mac gets his Over/Under question correct, but John wins the Alternate Answer

SCORE: 5-4 John


Round 6 – Middle School Knowledge

Everything was fair up to this point. Stevie ran a clean trivia. Mac was proving himself to be slightly less smart than me. Everything was going exactly as we all expected.


Here is where things get really scandalous. I would like to draw your attention to the 22:00 mark of the video. You can see at the bottom of the screen that I am up 5-4. I nail my Over/Under question about Kelvin because I am a genius. But Stevie declares the score 5-5? You can see on my face that I am skeptical, but also I’d been drinking since noon so I didn’t full trust myself.


So the score at this point is REALLY 6-4. I go on to win the Alternate Answer question about amendments, which SHOULD have made the score 7-4.

REAL SCORE: 7-4 John



Round 7 – Playgrounds

Mac gets his Over/Under question right, but THEN I WIN the Alternate Answer.




That’s game right? I win yes? The rest of the rounds are meaningless. First to 8 points wins. I was first to 8 points. It is an open and shut case. If you don’t believe me, watch the video for yourself. I look forward to the powers at be awarding me the victory, along with a formal written apology.



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