Every Month Of 2020 If It Was An NFL Quarterback


We made it to the end 2020.. Congratulations to all of us!  You should be very proud of yourself.  When thinking back on this crazy year that was it got me to thinking about each month of the year and what it was like.  I remember January, like most January’s we are full of joy from the holiday’s and hope for the possibilities for the year to come.  But after January in 2020 shit kinda hit the fan.

So, I wanted to try and express how this year was in a funnier way, by describing each month using NFL quarterbacks!

Let’s Ride:


Image – Business Insider

Like I said earlier in January we were all full of hope, joy and possibilities!  Who better explains those feelings than Mahomes?  We were heading into a new decade like Mahomes was heading into the season as last year’s MVP with a new contract ready to dominate a new season like we were ready to take on the new year!


Image – The Green Bay Packers Photographer

Thinking back on February, we still were full of hope for the year.  It was cold like Lambeau but we were still on a high from the Super Bowl and the Shakira & JLO halftime show.  This was the last “great” month of 2020, even though there were rumblings of something strange coming…


Image – Insidehook

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is where things all started to happen.  “Lockdown” “Quarantine” We didn’t really know what to make of what was happening… Just like we don’t fully understand what Baker is yet.  At first we were all in… A few weeks home from work?  Living with airport rules, drinking every day.. just having a good ole time.  This is good Baker, planting a flag on the field Baker, “feeling dangerous” and getting after drinking at home every day with that Swagger.  But then it seemed like maybe this won’t just be two weeks, maybe the fun won’t last forever, St. Patty’s Day was canceled our minds were flip flopping.  Just like good game/bad game Baker.


Image – Texomas

And there it was.  The year was going well, we started off hot, March was fun (maybe a little shaky) just like Dak’s start to the season.  He was throwing for a ton of yards but the Cowboys weren’t winning games.  And then just like that BOOM.  Broken leg, season over.  Just like when April hit and they basically told us all.. Yeah, well this shit isn’t going away.  Hunker your ass down we are in for a shit show of a year… Just like the Cowboys season.


Image – CBS Sports

The weather started to break a little bit, we were able to go outside but everything was still shutdown.  We were going on 2 full months of lockdown after thinking it was only going to be 2 weeks.  Like Derek Carr’s career.  Each year we have really high expectations for Carr, and some games he proves us right by playing really well.  And then… He remembers he plays for the Raiders and implodes, loses games he shouldn’t.  Just like when we lost another favorite holiday… Cinco De Mayo.  Thanks Covid, thanks Carr!


Image – Bro Bible

The year started off hot but then began to take a turn for the worst.  Just like Carson, he had a great 2017 but then the injuries started, the bad play started and the Eagles struggles were back.  Then June came and we were coming off Memorial Day, we had hope for the summer and I mean.. The last few months were a struggle and strange and not great but that isn’t normal.. That can’t continue… Right?  Just like most thought Carson’s struggles wouldn’t continue…. Until he lost his starting job.


Image – CBS Sports

“WE’RE BACK BABY!” That was everyone when July hit.  We lost St. Patty’s Day.  We lost Cinco De Mayo… We are NOT losing 4th of July!  The sun was out, people flooded the shore, the beers and claws were flowing.  Life was starting to feel somewhat normal again, even though there was still a hint of caution.  Just like Alex Smith’s season!  He is 100% the comeback player of the year.  Dude had a zillion surgeries, was told he may never walk again and yet here he is leading the Washington Football Team to a possible division championship!  July, like Alex’s season was a sliver of fun in a crazy ass year.


Image – SB Nation

We had a “fun” July… We felt like we were back!  And, in August we were trying to figure out different ways to do normal things.  We couldn’t sit inside a bar to just have a beer but we could if we ordered fries.  We could be at a restaurant but not after 10PM.  We had to figure out different ways to be as normal as possible again, we had to adapt to crazy ways of living.  Just like Taysom Hill.  He plays just about every position on the field, and then had to be thrown into the starting job when Brees went down and he just… Figured shit out and kept the train moving and did things differently but got the job done.


Image – @mattufford

I don’t really remember anything about September.  It was just there.  Nothing really changed.  The only thing I really remember for sure is the start of football, the excitement that it was actually happening after we thought it might not.  And that is like Cam’s outfits, the only memorable thing from him this season.  The Patriots stunk, he started out decent on the ground, then got COVID then played like shit and had nothing memorable, just like the non-memorable month of September 2020.


Image – Bengals Wire

October came and football was happening, life still felt ok.  We still could do things outside and enjoy life as much as we could.  But then we started hearing rumblings of the “next wave” and Halloween now possibly being canceled or defiantly not normal.  Like Burrow season, he was showing us flashes of a great QB, but there were ups and downs and the Bengals still were not winning much.  And then, just because you know… 2020 the weather started getting chillier things started getting somewhat more strict again just like when Joe Burrow went down in a heap and was lost for the rest of the season..


Image – Denver Post

Here we were in November, the weather was getting cold… Things were starting to turn bad again and we were no longer “back” we were no longer “living a new norm” we were in fear of going back to total lockdown!  Then they basically canceled Thanksgiving, and there was rumors of the same thing happening to Christmas in December.  Things were being taken away again, we were getting mad again and it just wasn’t fun.  Just like Hilton, a practice squad WR who was thrust into the starting QB position for the Broncos, like what?  instead of just moving the game like others they made this dude start at QB.  The month was quick, like his NFL QB career.. But it wasn’t fun, just like his NFL QB career as well.


Image – Daily Mail

Lockdowns began again.  Gyms closed, indoor dining shut down, Christmas was CANCELLED.  It stunk and all we wanted was for it to be over and move on to 2021 because the month and the year had been shit.  Just like Haskin’s NFL season and career.  Dude stinks just like 2020 stinks and there is not better QB to be compared to the final shitty month of a shitty year.  A year that just kept spitting in our face and laughing at us while it did, just like Dwayne losing a game and then going right to the strip club and basically spitting in the face of his coach who has CANCER.  I hope I never have to see Dwayne Haskins stupid face, stupid earring and bad play on my TV ever again just like I hope to never have a year like 2020 again.


Image – Fort Worth Telegram

Poor guy wasn’t ready to be a starting QB, especially on Sunday Night Football in Philadelphia just like we were not ready for this year at all.  He fell on his face and looked like a boy playing a man’s game, he looked confused and just unprepared for the moment… Kinda like every single one of us all 2020 long!

Now… Let’s get on to 2021!!


Feature Image – The Daily Gazette

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