Makeup Dates For College Football Playoff

We are just a few sleeps away from the start of the College Football Playoff and so far everything has been fine. Fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx anything.

With COVID still being a thing unfortunately we always have to prepare for the worst and that’s exactly what the CFP is doing. If something happens where any of the playoff games have to be postponed we have the official dates for the makeup games….

The Rose Bowl would be January 11th and the Sugar Bowl would be the following day the 12th. That would push the National Championship game back until January 18th.

This would suck, I just want to throw that out there. If something were to happen New Years Day would get a hell of a lot more boring and not having both playoff games on the same day would be a crime.

Hopefully, everything goes off without a hitch and our New Years Day plans will involve a lot of booze, food, and Football.

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