Johnny “Football” Manziel is BACK!


Yes, you read that right.  The Johnny Football is back (as Pat McAfee would say) playing the football!

Johnny will be joining a new startup league… The FCF! FAN CONTROLLED FOOTBALL.

I mean I am already in, the name of the league has so many possibilities.  Do we control what happens on the field?  Are we the coaches?  Is this going to be like real life Madden??  Can me and a buddy sign up to play against each other and I control the play calls for one team and he controls the other?  I have absolutely no idea if that is what happens but I think that is what should happen!

Sounds like I am sorta kinda right and am PUMPED about it…

 ESPN “The league, scheduled to begin play in February, will feature 7-on-7 games where fans set rosters, call plays and interact in a blend of traditional and esports environments.”

Image – SportsLogo.Net

This is exactly what we need to start 2021 on the right foot.  I mean I love basketball and hockey, but I hate that time of year when football ends and I am waiting for March Madness and baseball.  I think we can all get around this “not so serious league” to help get us through the gross grey of February.

ESPN “The more I heard about what this was going to be, the more I felt it was going to be something that was just very fun,” Manziel said. “It’s going to be very fan-oriented and something I could get behind without being extremely, extremely, extremely serious, the way that my football career has been in the past.”

Yup, this is exactly what Johnny needs and exactly what we need from Johnny.  I was afraid he was not going to make it in the NFL when he was coming out of A&M, and maybe even more when he went to Cleveland.  But then he didn’t make it in the CFL and then the AAF folded and Johnny said he was never going to play organized football again, but the FCF just hits different.

ESPN “Life gives you opportunities sometimes to do something that you would still like to do if it was in a different capacity,” Manziel said. “This has a lot of potential to just be a good time and still be football centric. They’re going to let the people join this league be who they are and have fun with it and be a little bit more free than what football is sometimes. That’s definitely what appealed to me. They don’t want me to change who I am or anything else. They want to come out, put a good product out and be fun with it.”

When the league launches in Feb they will start with four teams and be extremely based around interacting with fans.  And, it gets even better…

Each team will be owned by famous names!  Including:  Marshwan Lynch, Mike Tyson, and current NFL players Richard Sherman and Austin Eckler.

The field will be 35 yards wide by 50 yards long and 10 yard end zones.  Games will be 7 on 7 and will last “about an hour.” Love that.

FEED ME JOHNNY AND THE FCF.  If there is going to be ways to bet on this you know we will.  Even better, if there is ways we can have Branded control a team for a game or two… You KNOW WE WILL!

FCF for life.


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