Great, This Guy Again


Yup, I’m back…again. CEO Joe practically begged me to come back, it was pathetic. But, after seconds of negotiations, I agreed to his terms of a multiyear year deal. I told him to keep the contract I never signed from last year. I feel like I got the better end of the deal, but I think that’s Joe being a nice guy since he came at me hard with a blog about me. Unfortunately, 2020 was not in my favor.

That’s ok, 2020 wasn’t all that bad. I didn’t get corona, not that I’m aware of. Kinda wish I did tbh, I have too smell these poopy diapers all day. Oh, did I mention I had my second daughter? (#girldad) Well not me, my wife did. I planted the seed. 2019 was the year of Bang Mike. Lets see, what else? New job in February, which led me to working from home everyday. Taking zoom calls in underwear has become less weird. Also gives me more time to blog…again.

So, yes, I’m back on the Branded team again. Unlike Michael Jordan coming back from his second retirement and having a half ass sting with the Wizards. I’ll have a full ass sting with Branded, I’ll blog….and that’s about it for now, unless someone offers me a multi-million dollar deal to be on one of their podcasts.

Here’s to a 2021 and me blogging more!

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