Best NBA Plays From Last Night (12/28)

I thought it was only right to highlight just some immaculate basketball played last night. I’m a Celtics fan but as a random guy with an NBA podcast I feel it’s my responsibility duty to show you happenings from around the league. First to Denver.

That looks like an under 12 rec league game. Starts off pretty good, nice steal by Harden then House travels (no call) and misses the layup. Then another turnover. Then another turnover and last but certainly not least ANOTHER turnover. This is just some of the elite talent you get on a night to night basis.

Let’s go to LA next.

I can’t tell which clip is worse. Let’s break this down with some sweet sweet science. AD bricks a hook shot into the side of the basket, tough but we’ve all been there. Kuzma gets his shit blocked, not his fault he shouldn’t have even been out there in the first place. Bad pass into a turnover, then another turnover into a double miss. KCP in and out of traffic and just kind of let’s the ball go… End the clip with a great move by Dame, drives into the paint. He kicks out, NURKIC FOR THREE annnnnd he air balls it.

Perfecto *chefs kiss*

I’m gonna say the Nuggets/Rockets clip is worse. I know it was only one play but the Lakers clip skips a possession where the Blazers score so I have to hold that against the clips but at least in the Lakers/Blazers clip they were able to shoot the ball. Don’t get me wrong every shot they thought of attempting was embarrassing but at least they shot it. If the Nuggets game is a U12 game then the Lakers/Blazers game was a Jewish rec league game from Eight Crazy Nights.

Thank god the NBA is back.

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