Adam Gase Has Officially Been Unofficially Fired

Officially unofficial is the most Adam Gase phrase of all time so it’s only right his firing come out before he’s actually fired.

Adam Gase went 23-25 in his 3 years as a head coach with the Dolphins and with one game left in his Jets coaching career he currently sits at 9-22. Im not sure what’s funnier or more Jets. If he finishes his second season as the coach with less than 10 total wins or if he wins 3 straight games and still gets canned.

I do have to say I don’t wish for guys to get fired, especially right now but we’re talking about a multi millionaire who’s gonna end up being someone’s assistant or OC in three months so I don’t feel that bad. Listen, no one with a brain thought hiring him would be a good move. He’s been dreadful since getting the job. QB whisperer but Tannehill was almost out of the league with him as a coach and now has a new home and a fat ass contract. Miami are about to make the playoffs two years removed from him. Some people are role players and his role might be a QB coach at some D2 college, I’m not a fortune teller.

I wonder if the Jets went 0-16 if he would’ve kept his job. I’d be more mad as the owner you can’t draft Lawrence now so just a nice little conspiracy for the folks.

Early rumors have Gase joining the Pats as a QB coach. We’ll see. I’m more curious who the Jets will hire now. Gase or no Gase this team is bad. KC OC has to be the number one option but idk why he’d even pick up the phone if it has a NYC number on it.

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