You Have Three Guesses To Name Who Aaron Rodgers Thinks The Rowdiest Fans Are, And the First Two Don’t Count

One of the new traditions that has become a pleasure this NFL season is Aaron Rodgers weekly spot on the Pat McAfee show. It’s a really laid back vibe where he is virtually kicking it with the retired McAfee, his boys, and AJ Hawk.

Rodgers throws four touchdowns, collects his State Farm check and then hops on to kick it on this radio show.

They’ve hit a bunch of topics this year, including what Rodgers said to Carson Wentz after the Packers beat the Eagles in early December. But, that’s not the only Eagles related content we got out of the show this year:


Love this story from Rodgers all the way back in 2006 before he was future 2020 MVP, Aaron Rodgers. Some guy was just unloading on a back-up quarterback for four quarters straight. The best part is, there is surely about 600 guys with lower level season tickets telling all their buddies today that they were the Rodgers heckler. I guess in spirit, we are all the Rodgers heckler.


Love that Rodgers chose Eagles fans as the rowdiest because as Pat alluded to, he has a great Eagles fan story. For those who don’t know about the former Colts “alleged” incident, he drunkenly swam in some canal and lost his shirt. The cops showed up and asked how much he had to drink to which he responded, “a lot, because I’m drunk”. Again, all of this is allegedly. Next week, McAfee plays the Eagles with that story in the headlines and they didn’t let him live it down.

Philly fans tipping their cap to McAfee for his drunken shenanigans while they are seven overpriced beers deep, only to berate him when he drops a punt inside the 5 is about as Philly as it gets. We are like bees, we mind our business until you bother us, and then we get angry.


Notice how none of these stories have any language or actions that were overly problematic. Maybe the battery was a bit too much. But it’s not as if fans are telling players to break a leg or wish death upon them or a family member. You see some horror stories like that online. Nope, in Philly we will shit talk you for three hours straight but we keep it as civil as shit talking can be.


So there you have it. One season without us at The Linc heckling opposing players and this Eagles team completely falls apart.

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