Every NFL Playoff Scenario For Week 17 (h/t @lindseyyok)


When Flo-Rida uttered those famous words: ‘Hey I heard you were a wild one.’ He was talking about NFL week 17 2020. We’ve got playoff scenarios galore. And thanks to one of the best football twitter follows out there, Lindsey ok, we’ve got the entire break down in one easy to read spot.

Thank God for the NFL expanding to 7 teams. It has been a wild success this year and has put us in position for one of the most exciting final weeks we’ve ever seen. The AFC to me is more interesting than the NFC. Too much in the NFC is about which team in the East is going to win the division and honestly, who gives a shit. I’m an Eagles fan and couldn’t care less. Just crown a champ, get them in the playoffs and let them get their bell rung.

The AFC though, is wild. We’re going to see a team with 10 wins not make the postseason. And we have the possibility of one of those teams wining 11 games and not making it. Which I can’t imagine anything more Browns than if they win double digit games for the first time since dinosaurs roamed the Earth and still don’t make the playoffs. It would be the meanest thing the football God’s have ever done.

I’m excited for this weekend of football. Playoff football is second to none and we basically get a bonus playoff week. Strap in ladies and gents. Shit is about to get real.

Featured Image: The Medium

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