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Yesterday the NHL officially released the 2021 schedule and we get non stop hockey for five months. We have at least one game a day until the second week of May, so if you need me I’ll be on my couch watching hockey until we have a Stanley Cup Champion. Hopefully, this year’s Cup winner will be my boys in orange and black which brings me to this blog. I am way too excited for this season to get started so I wanted to put together the best highlights from last season just to get everyone even more pumped up, so here are some of the best highlights from the extended 2019-20 season!


  1. Oskar Lindblom Returns

Sorry if you didn’t plan on crying to start this off but I mean come on, could there have been a better moment during last season than this?!? We are a little over a year since Oskar was first diagnosed and he has since fully recovered and been deemed cancer free. The game when he scores his first goal there are going to be so many tears of joy flowing through Philadelphia. I can’t think of anything more fitting than on January 13th in the first game of the season where Oskar Lindblom scores the games first goal with a beautiful assist coming from none other than Nolan Patrick.

2. Laughton and Provorov Force Game 6 and 7

After being without hockey for almost four months, the NHL bubble was incredible. Could things have gone better for the Flyers? Well no duh, but my god these two overtime winners were awesome. I’m sure my neighbors really enjoyed all of my screaming during these games. The Flyers of old would have folded and lost this series 4-1 but not this group of guys, they fought back and were able to force a game 6 and 7. The experience of last seasons playoffs will only help going forward for the teams future.

3. Carter Hart Robs Taylor Hall

Go ahead pick your jaw up off the floor, the best save of the season from our lord and savior Carter Hart. It was a sign of things to come from the young netminder as his great play all year long helped the Flyers become one of the top teams in the East. Safe to say Taylor Hall was so embarrassed by getting robbed this badly that he wanted out of New Jersey and went out west to avoid Carter Hart at all cost. Don’t worry there will be more of “Cattah Haht” later on down the list.

4. Kevin Hayes Gets The Belt

At this point if Kevin Hayes isn’t one of your favorite players on this Flyers team you may not actually be a fan. The dude is electric and he backs it up with his play on the ice. This overtime winner against the Jackets to complete the season series sweep was silky smooth. Then to go and top it off with the “discount double check” Championship belt celly was an all time move. I can’t wait to see what Hayes does this season now that he has developed more chemistry with the guys around him.

5. Ivan Provorov Undresses The Canadiens

If you would have told me this goal happened 4 years ago I would’ve believed you. It feels like forever ago when this happened but yup, it was just last season. Provy going coast to coast while casually undressing Max Domi in the process was definitely a top highlight from last season.

6. Carter Hart Steals Another Mans Soul

The one on Hall was better, but oh my god this was a thing of beauty and to do it against one of the top teams in the West on the national stage just shows that we have found our goalie. The two saves on this list are just a small sample size of how great Hart will be. This year is a big year for the young netminder and I’m gonna say it, he will be in the conversation for the Vezina trophy.

7. Frost Warning Goes Into Effect

When I say the present and the future are bright for the Philadelphia Flyers, just go back and watch this goal a few times and you will understand why. Morgan Frost, in his first career game was able to pull this off and while we didn’t see much more from him during the year it wasn’t his fault. The Flyers have a lot of depth and Frost, with a little more time in the AHL is going to develop into a solid NHL player. I fully expect we see a lot more of him during this upcoming season and hopefully he makes the most of his opportunity.

8. Marchand Forgets How To Play Hockey

I wouldn’t be doing Flyers fans justice if I didn’t include this moment in my list. You can’t script something like this happening and it could not have happened to a better person. Noted clown, Brad Marchand gives everybody a good laugh here and even more importantly he gives the Flyers the win. I have watched this clip no less than 100 times because its just too damn funny.


January 13th can’t come soon enough as I am ready for this Flyers team to take another step forward and solidify themselves as a legit Cup contender. I am expecting a big year from the boys in orange and black and I’m excited to see what kind of highlights we get from this year.

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