James Harden Clarifies The Large Maskless Party With Strippers He Was At Was Not In Fact A Strip Club

These are tough times for many hardworking Americans, and perhaps the toughest for the country’s stripper population. I’m sure even Fauci would admit butt cheek to face contact is one of the primary ways to spread COVID. A $600 stimulus check is practically an off Tuesday night in Houston.

When video footage of James Harden maskless waving a Dior suitcase at a party with lots of money on the floor and scantily clad women dancing came out, people immediately rushed to the conclusion that Harden was visiting a local stripping establishment.

As a leader in the NBA community focused on winning his first NBA championship, James wanted to clear up the misconception that he was making it rain on some well-endowed boss business women at an actual strip club.

Expert level clarification on this typed out IG story, an ambitious step up from a passive iPhone note. Not that James wasn’t at such event, that there were not strippers in attendance, but that it did not take place at an actual strip club. Just a regular club with a stage in the middle used for various party activities like serving pizza and also sometimes pussy.

Admitting you broke COVID protocol days before the start of the NBA season, after rumors have swirled that you are demanding trades, throwing balls at teammates and perhaps eaten a dozen donuts a day since September (no judgement), is a wild move. Truly “every day it is something different” through absolutely no fault of James himself, clearly.

James Harden, and Dwayne Haskins for that matter, shouldn’t be viewed as irresponsible prima donna athletes carelessly risking their lives and the health of their teammates by going to strip clubs during a global pandemic, they should be honored as charitable, generous small business supporters. Suck on that, Congress.


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