Meet Branded Sports Newest Blogger: Spenser Shanman

A wise man once said, keep your head high and your balls (metaphorically, of course) low. The wise man who said that ridiculous quote was me. Alright, I started this off by getting a little too deep, let’s dial it back a few notches. I’m Spenser Shanman; former high school goalie, UMass Amherst alumnus (class of 2015) and the newest blogger here at Branded Sports.

Whenever you read or hear about people from New Jersey, you typically hear the same stereotypes; they don’t shut up about bagels and pizza, they have those thick, borderline obnoxious New Jersey/New York accents, and they don’t shut up about their professional sports teams even though it’s been almost over a decade since any team has won something substantial. That is me to a tee. I consider myself the Pizza King of New Jersey (no offense to Portnoy, he’s the pizza king of the country but NJ is mine) since I have been to over 150 pizza joints in the tri-state area alone spanning the last several years. I even wrote an article a few years ago about the Top 25 Places for Pizza in North Jersey and I run a food Instagram with my girlfriend called Foodies n Fixins where we post about all of the unhealthy garbage we eat. Many people mistake me for either Italian or Irish, of which I am neither. Italian because of my accent and Irish because of my beard. I happen to be Polish and Russian, I think. When I’m having an alcoholic beverage, I enjoy a nice glass of Tullamore Dew whiskey on ice, some Guinness on Tap, or a delicious red vino aged at least 2 years.

During the year, you can find me screaming at my TV watching either the Brooklyn Nets or the New York Giants. I host and produce a Brooklyn Nets podcast with my brother Nick called “Fireside Nets w/ Spen and Nick. Richard Jefferson is a God to me. I also consider myself Eli Manning’s unwanted nephew (no blood relation, just a big fan). If anybody reading this wants it that smoke in basketball, I’m more than willing to go 1 on 1 with any of you. I have a chip on my shoulder ever since I was cut in my sophomore year and on a totally unrelated note, I hate John Calipari. You don’t win back to back to back JCC Basketball titles from age 14-17 by being bad at sports. I’m not in the best shape in the world these days, but I still got that Brandon Jacobs-esque thick man quickness.

At the end of the day, I’m just your fun-loving, beer drinking, pizza eating, content creating New York sports junkie from New Jersey, and I’m ready to provide Branded Sports and it’s readers, some absolutely bizarre and idiotic content.

P.S. Nothing in life beats letting out a big fat gigantic sneeze. Obviously, it’s protocol to cover ones mouth when they sneeze. But if I have any advice to you, it’s that life is too short to hold in sneezes.

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