Love This Bills Fans Reaction To Stumbling Home Drunk h/t (@_mandirae)

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Your team is hasn’t won the division in 25 years and you are already the drunkest fan on the planet. That is the perfect recipe for getting completely blacked out and stumbling home at god knows when. And the air guitar knowing that his wife is going to see it on the Ring is peak performance.

I’m rooting for the Bills to make a deep run. Hoping they can get to the Super Bowl and take it home this year. I mean it would be the most 2020 thing in the world for the Bills to finally win a Super Bowl in this mess of a year. They’ve got the most electric quarterback in the game, they’ve got a legit chance to knock off KC. And can you imagine a Bills Super Bowl parade. Fuck stay at home order. That place would be a shitshow, in all the best ways. I would drive right up to Buffalo if they make the big game.

That is going to be a party you simply can’t miss. Like when the Berlin Wall went down or when the Pope comes to town. You stop everything you are doing and you get in the mix. I’m an Eagles fan and they would welcome me with open arms.

So do it for the city Bills. Do it for Jim Kelly. And god damnit, do it for America

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