San Jose State Football Is Now America’s Team


This weekend San Jose State took the Mountain West championship and finished their undefeated regular season. One in which they were met with heavy doubt but that didn’t stop them. And it certainly didn’t stop their social media team from flexing all over twitter.

Mother of God. They should get into the playoffs just from their twitter game. 7-0 and the best they get is 22 in the country? Seems wrong. The college football committee has to come out and either explain why teams like San Jose State, Cincinnati and Costal Carolina can’t get into the conversation. Not that one of these teams would take down Bama but hey, you never know. That’s why we play the games.

So NCAA needs to address it by adding more teams to the playoffs or just coming out and saying, ‘Group 5 schools will never make the playoffs so quick asking.’ Even that would be a better response than just ignoring them all together. The committee is like, just throw Cincy at 7 or 8, that should shut them up.

We don’t want, we NEEEEEEEDDD group 5 schools in a playoff situation. Expand to 8 teams already, it’s time. You get all the Power 5 schools in that belong and you give San Jose State a chance to shock the world. Do it for the kids, do it for the people, do it for America.

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