Ranking The 2020 Bowl Games By Excitement Level!


What’s your favorite season?

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All my Schitts Creek fans will enjoy that… However, whats my favorite season?


I mean I will sit and watch meaningless Bowl games (like I am writing this watching the Myrle Beach Bowl) all damn day!

Yes, this year is a bit different.  We lost some really fun bowls like the Pinstripe Bowl.  There wont be fans or a lot of fans at most of them.  The committees are letting in teams with less than 6 wins in Bowl games.  I mean how the hell is 2-8 South Carolina in a Bowl Game but not 8-2 Army?! (Money… That is how.)

But, I want to give you my top Bowl games I am most excited for this Bowl Season.  If there is one thing I have found out since I started blogging at Branded… People LOVE lists.  People LOVE rankings.  So… Let’s Ride.

I warn you now, neither of the semi-final games are on this list.  Is that because I am excluding those games? Nope, I just think both semis are going to STINK.

10:  SERVPRO First Responder Bowl.  Louisiana (9-1) vs UTSA (7-4) 12/26 3:30 PM EST on ABC.

First off I love the name of this Bowl Game.  Shout out the all the first responders.  Second any time I can watch the Rajon Cajuns I am in.  This game might be set up for a big Louisiana win.  They are a -13 favorite and ESPN is giving them a 80.7% chance to win.  But what the hell else are you doing at 3:30 the day after Christmas… Especially in 2020.

9: Montgomery Bowl.  Memphis (7-3) vs FAU (5-3) 12/23 7:00 PM EST on ESPN.

Who doesn’t love these pre Christmas night bowls?  I mean this takes place on Wednesday night on the Eve of Christmas Eve, there is no NFL so I am pumped.  Memphis is -8 and they always play exciting games.  The FAU team isn’t the most high flying offense, but their defense only gives up 16.5 a game so it will be fun to see them against a Memphis offense that puts up just under 32 a game.

8: Outback Bowl.  Ole Miss (4-5) vs Indiana (6-1) 1/2 12:30 PM EST on ABC.

Indiana has been a really fun team this year.  Their only loss of the season is to Ohio State.  But they lost their starting QB for the season, are they the same team?  Ole Miss under Lane Kiffin even at 4-5 has been fun.  They gave Bama their toughest test of the season.  Indiana is -6.5 favorite with a 73.2% chance to win, but I really think Ole Miss is going to make this a very competitive and fun game.

7. Cheez-It Bowl.  Oklahoma State (7-3) vs Miami (8-2) 12/29 5:30 PM EST on ESPN.

Who doesn’t fuckin’ love Cheez-Its?!  Again, love when this game is, right in between Christmas and New Years.  5:30PM so you should have a nice buzz already going and it’s time to get the evening cookin.  Recently Miami got embarrassed by UNC and some may say they folded up shop, but I think they are going to come to play and come to prove something in this game.  OKST is a -2 favorite with a 54.9% chance to win, so that shows me Vegas thinks this is going to be a barn burner.  I think this game also hits the over of 58.5.  Grab a beer and a box of Cheez-Its for this one!

6. Arizona Bowl.  Ball State (6-1) vs San Jose State (7-0) 12/31 2:OO PM EST on CBS.

What better way to kick off the NYE festivies than with this game!  SJSU has quickly become America’s team.  When I saw they were 6.5 under dogs to Boise State last week I said, fuck that give me the STATE!  They are fun on and off the field.  But don’t sleep on this 6-1 Ball State team either.  They put up over 450 yards and 34 points a game!  What do we love in Bowl Games?  YARDS AND POINTS!!  San Jose State is -7.5 and the O/U is set at 62.5, lets blow by that boys!

5. Playstation Fiesta Bowl.  Oregon (4-2) vs Iowa State (8-3) 1/2 4:00 PM EST on ESPN.

1st off… Change this god damn Bowl back to the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.  I love that Oregon got the last minute call to play in the PAC12 Championship due to COVID.  No one gave them a shot and they said ok cool, and just punched USC in the mouth.  Anyone who embarrasses USC wins my heart.  Iowa State has kind of been the darling of the College Football Playoff Committee all season, they were as high as 6 last week before losing to Oklahoma in the BIG12 Championship game.  Brock Purdy to Xavier Hutchinson is my favorite QB to WR name connection in college football.  Iowa State is -4.5 favorite with a 50.9% chance to win… TOSS UP!!  LFG!

4. FBC Mortgage Cure Bowl.  Liberty (9-1) vs Costal Carolina University (11-0) 12/26 12:00 PM EST on ESPN.

Yes.  Yes!  YES!! I am so happy these two teams are playing each other.  Both of them were shot out of the no where cannon from the start of the season.  Both are very good and very fun football teams to watch play.  CCU beating the snot out of BYU was just priceless!  Their mullets have won over America.  ESPN isn’t giving much love to Liberty here, giving them only a 29.2% chance to win, however Vegas thinks it could be close… CCU being less than a touchdown favorite at -6.5.  These teams have been putting on shows all season and I think that continues in this game when CCU looks for a perfect season, hey maybe they too would crown themselves National Champs!

3. Chic-fil-A Peach Bowl.  Georgia (7-2) vs Cincinatti (9-0) 1/1 12:00 PM EST on ESPN.

This is the perfect hungover, start drinking again on New Years Day game.  Unlike Iowa State who has been the darling of the committee all season, Cincy has been show NO love.  All they do is just keep proving people wrong and win and I think they love it that way.  Should they be in the College Football Playoff?  No.  But next best thing?  Let me see them against an SEC team.  Georgia has been a different team since going with JT Daniels at QB, who knows what might have been if they made that switch earlier.  I love this matchup but once again, no love for Cincy.  They are a +7 dog with only a 30% chance to win, but that is exactly where they love to be.  Watch out for Cincy to finish the season 10-0… But Kirby and Georgia will give them their toughest test of the season for sure.

2. Goodyear Cotton Bowl.  Florida (8-3) vs Oklahoma (8-2) 12/30 8:00 PM EST on ESPN.

God that SEC Championship game was fun.  Florida showed that they can play with the best in the country… Even though they lost to a bad LSU team.  Oklahoma has been a completely different team later in the season after losing 2 bad games early.  If you like offense, like I know you do… This matchup is for you, hell it is for all of us.  Give me Kyle Trask and Spencer Rattler all day!  Trask has thrown for 43 touchdowns and 5 picks.  Rattler has thrown for 25 touchdowns and 7 picks.  Trask is right there in the Heisman race and Rattler will be in a few years.  Florida is a -3 favorite and the O/U is set at 72.  I could see and would LOVE an overtime game here!  I think it could be the highest scoring Bowl Game of all the big bowls!

1. Capital One Orange Bowl.  Texas A&M (8-1) vs North Carolina (8-3) 1/2 8:00 PM EST on ESPN.

I was split here, I could have put the Cotton Bowl at #1 because I think it will be that good of a game.  However, I don’t want to screw A&M again.  I still believe they should be in the playoff, but that is a different story for a different blog.  I think they are going to come into this game on a mission to prove to the committee and the world they belonged in the playoff.  But, they are going to have to slow down a high powered UNC attack that embarrassed Miami a few weeks ago..  Vegas thinks Texas A&M is out to put on a show as well, making them a -7 point favorite.  They also think that UNC will get theirs though, putting the O/U at 68.5.  Points.. Points.. Points!  Strap in!

*Bonus Bowl:  National Championship.  Alabama (12-0) vs Clemson (11-1) 1/11 8:00 PM EST on (every) ESPN

That is right.  I think the Natty is already set.  I said I wasn’t putting the semi’s on my list and that is because I think Bama will mop the floor with my Fighting Irish and I truly think Clemson is going to be way too much for Ohio State.  I think Bama/Clemson in the National Championship will be a great game.  Trevor Lawrence in his last college game against probably the Heisman winner in Mack Jones.  I think Bama will be too much in the end and finish the year 13-0 and win another Championship, but it will be a hell of a game… BUT PUT IT ON A SATURDAY NIGHT ALREADY!!

Those are the Bowl games I am most looking forward to this season.  Enjoy all of them, even the ones you don’t really care about, because in the middle of February when its cold and grey and you are bored out of your mind still quarantined… You would do anything to watch UAB play football.



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