The NHL is coming back and we are starting to get all of the details about what the upcoming season is going to look like. However, the NHL has failed to include one major detail in their return to play plan….

Mascots! There has been no talk of team mascots will be allowed in the buildings when the season starts. That includes the most important and best mascot in all of sports….the one and only Gritty.

The NHL needs Gritty, the Flyers need Gritty, and most importantly the people need Gritty. The guy is electric and provides nothing but pure entertainment.

The mascot took to Twitter to let the world know he wants to be included in the season..

I for one will still gladly take a bullet for my guy Gritty. To the surprise of nobody of course Gary Bettman ghosted our fuzzy orange guy. The commish is a coward and won’t even have a conversation with our guy Gritty. Makes you think he’s gotta be scared of him.

I need a video series of Gritty trying to sneak into games or just trying to sneak into NHL headquarters. Just feed me all the Gritty content and please people sign the petition to let Gritty be at games this season.

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Featured image-Sbnation

Twitter Images-Gritty

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