FOX Needs to Have Aqib Talib Back As a Commentator Every Week

Who knew what to expect from the Eagles on a week to week basis at this point. But what has been a staple is now that the team sucks, the announcers that come with their games do too.

What happened on Sunday with Aqib Talib and Brandon Gaudin was a pleasant surprise. It was not the combination you’d expect to have perfect chemistry, but they sure as hell did.



Think we can all agree that the trend of former players turning into color commentators, just because they played, is becoming very tiring. They all seem relatively ill-prepared, just relying on the knowledge they gained during their playing days. There is no fluidity to what they are saying because they never went to journalism school or take any broadcasting classes. The NBA has a serious problem with it (If I hear another Reggie Miller commentated Sixers game, I will lose my mind). The NFL shouldn’t follow that dull trend.


With that being said, Aqib Talib is the route they need to go if they are going to let former players run the booth. He was a refrshing change of pace that added some pizazz to braodcasts that are usually dull and lack any style. His partner, Brandon Gaudin, was the unexpected perfect partner. He was easy going and played right off everything Aqib did. There have been so many rigid, unbearable combos over the years, but FOX stumbled into one that perfectly synced.



The Eagles vs Cardinals matchup in the 4pm timeslot was the NFL’s version of Pac-12 After Dark. It deserved to be whacky and it deserved to have a broadcast booth that was out of the ordinary. If every game was like that, it wouldnt be unique or special. But in a game featuring the the third place team in the NFC West facing off against the third place team in the NFC East, what does FOX have to lose by giving us this broadcast booth?

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