Dave Portnoy Says He’ll Pay For Army Bowl Game Of Someone Steps Up

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Let me ask a question that needs to be addressed. Will Dave Portnoy be the greatest president this country is ever seen? Because at this point there’s not a shadow of a doubt he will run, and he will win. Have you seen the Barstool Fund yet? He has done more for small businesses in the last week and a half, than the government has done in the last year and a half.

If you haven’t donated or bought a shirt to help a small business yet, stop what you’re doing and check it out.

But on to this Army game. Army had their bowl game cancelled after an impressive 9-2 season. They deserve to play in a bowl game. Period. The reason for the cancellation you ask? Because the Pac-12 is a bunch of pussies. Every team in the conference, refusing to accept the offer. Can’t think of something more un-American than turning your back on Army. These guys fight wars and you can’t go play a fucking football game against them.

Ban the PAC-12 from CFB playoff contention or the next decade for this nonsense.

So Dave Portnoy is stepping up and saying he’ll foot the bill to make it happen. How do you not love that? The question now is, who will play them? There are so many dumb rules about who can play who and where in college football. It really should be a free for all at the end of the year. Traditions are stupid, look at the teams not in the playoffs and make the most entertaining match ups.

South Carolina is 2-8 and they get to play in a bowl game. 2 and 8!! South Carolina needs to do the right thing and politely step aside for Army to play UAB.

If no one steps up to play Army I’ll do it. Put me in pads. I’ve never played a down of organized football in my life but screw it. I get a handful of buddies, we’ll make a squad and go get out asses whoop for the greater good.

Cheers to Portnoy and hopefully Army gets their game they more than deserve.

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