Dabo Swinney’s Coaches Poll Is A Masters Class In Trolling

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I love Dabo, I’m fine to admit that. He’s one of the best coaches in the country, he seems like a wild man and now he’s getting into the trolling game. How can you not like this guy? Yesterday the CFB Playoffs were announced and here getting ready for another clash of Clemson and Ohio State. Today the coach’s polls were released and Dabo went full blown #ShotsFired.

11, lol!?!???!? Love it. This is how you know Dabo thinks they are going to kick the shit out of Ohio State. You don’t do this if you think they might beat you. This could come back and blow up in his face if OSU pulled the upset. So he isn’t worried about that at all. Tip my cap to him, living rent free in Buckeye heads right now.

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