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We are back, folks. Tonight, while perusing the world wide web, my eyes came across something that I had not personally seen since the dark, tumultuous times of the Sixers first-round sweep of the rival Celtics last season. No, not basketball. It’s the pregame Sixers fit pics that make me look in the mirror and immediately wish I had one ounce of fashion sense.

So with that complete lack of fashion sense, I bring to you a new blog series/podcast segment that we are going to call the Skyline Spew Sixers #Fitcheck. Since we’re #businessguys we have developed a formula and rankings system that will help us keep track throughout the season and crown the dude with the highest average cumulative drip.

Point system is as follows:

1st place vote = 4 points

2nd place vote = 3 points

3rd place vote = 2 points

4th place vote = 1 point

We are starting with tonights’ preseason game against the Pacers. Please see our dissection of these fits below and remember – these viewpoints are all coming from the guy who didn’t own a pair of jeans until Junior year of high school and his two podcast co-hosts:

Danny Green – 4th place (5 total points)

I’m just gonna come out and say it: I voted Danny second in my personal rankings. Dude comes out looking ready to battle 30 inches of snow and pulling off PUMA better than anyone i’ve seen rep it before. Someone (we don’t name names here) in the group chat said he looks like he’s trying to be in an anime. Well anime style is pretty freaking sick so if that’s what he’s going for, he freaking nailed it.

I think Danny will end up somewhere in the middle of the pack at the end of the season. He’s got a distinct style that is not necessarily high fashion but just enough uniqueness to it that he will have a lot 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Green Ranger comes in at 4th place with 5 votes on opening night.

Tony Bradley – 3rd place (6 total points)

I don’t mind Tony’s fit. Jacket? Fire. Cool Grey 11’s? Fire. Jumpsuit? Fire. But basic. I respect Tony’s fit and think he’s going to pull off some dope casual fits throughout the season, but am not sure if he’s got the style chops to compete with the more fashion-conscious guys at the top. He comes in at 3rd place with 6 votes on opening night.

Tobias Harris – 2nd place (7 total points)

Tobi’s up to something here. I’m not sure what the vest is made of but it is absolute fire and if someone can point me in the direction of where I may be able to purchase said vest it would be greatly appreciated. I feel like Tobi can withstand a shot to the chest with an RPG in that thing. Kicks are solid too. Top-notch comfy fit out of Tobi to finish in 2nd place on opening night with a total of 7 points.

Shake Milton – 1st place (12 total points)

Is there anything that Shake can’t do? This outfit screams “14/7/3.” I think Shake will challenge the likes of Ben and Tisse for the title. Hell, if Shake’s confidence keeps shooting up like it has been he may finish the year not only atop the MIP rankings but more importantly: the top of our Skyline Spew Sixers #FitCheck rankings. Shake finishes opening night atop the leaderboard in 1st place with a total of 12 points.

Let us know your thoughts. Listen to the podcast. Follow us on the Gram and Twitter. Go Birds.

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