MTV Is Completely Out Of Line Releasing A New Show “Deliciousness” To Air When Ridiculousness Isn’t On

Growing up my parents had MTV blocked on parental controls on my TV because they knew once I was opened up to the world of 20 something reality television and….gasp actual MUSIC VIDEOS, I wouldn’t accomplish anything in life. Some of the most important life lessons I learned were from watching classic shows like True Life, Laguna Beach, The Real World, Next, Made, Room Raiders, Pimp My Ride, Fat Camp; the list goes on literally forever.

Now, in 2020, I have reached my breaking point with this TV channel. It’s time we had a serious conversation about what the fuck is going on at MTV headquarters, and what we can do to make a real change in the world by getting them to stop airing Ridiculousness for 18 hours out of the day.

This is the actual show schedule for MTV for this week with no photoshop or tomfoolery but don’t get it twisted this is what it looks like every single week. I don’t know how he did it but I’m convinced Rob Dyrdek got a deal better than Giannis’ that keeps him on TV every hour until the end of time.

People have started to catch on. There have to be multiple Reddit pages investigating this. A friend of a friend’s husband who works in the programming department that got quiet when someone mentioned the very real possibility that MTV is using Ridiculousness to unknowingly brainwash us into becoming a communist society with a veil of wacky internet videos. Crazier things have happened.

But instead of putting a bunch of interns in a room to develop some fresh original programming, or even dipping into their own vault of classic (ok maybe potentially problematic) shows, you’ll never believe what these frauds just did.

Fucking DELICIOUSNESS. A Ridiculousness spinoff hosted by Kelly Kapowski featuring Angela from The Office with no differentiating qualities than Ridiculousness at all?!?! I absolutely hate it here.

With the series debuting Monday in the 7 p.m. ET time slot, the show averaged a 0.26 rating in Nielsen adults 18-49 demographic. That represents a 60% rise versus the P4W time period average. In addition, the show brought in 437,000 viewers on average across the hour. That is up 96% from the P4W time period average and 26% versus a year ago.

Something even more unbelievable is happening, people are actually watching? I refuse to believe it. When the election fraud people have a moment I would like to put them to work at these numbers. 437,000 people in this country tuning in to watch someone drop an ice cream cone on the ground is alarming. Perhaps these are dead people with the TV’s on in the background?

I don’t know who has to see this to make any sort of change in this world but MTV, if you’re listening, stop. Please just stop. Stop trying to make Chanel West Coast happen. Stop with the spinoffs, and stop wasting valuable hours of TV time that you could be giving us Hills marathons.


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