Kyrie Irving Burning Sage On The Court In Boston Like A Totally Normal Person Does

While not totally up to speed on the plentiful benefits of burning sage, I am almost certainly sure this is the first time there has been a spiritual sage ceremony inside an NBA arena.

Playing in his first game back in Boston, coincidentally with no fans, after mysteriously avoiding all previous meetings, Kyrie took matters into his own hands to remove the Boston Celtics and their fans from the 3 story mansion inside of his head.

“It is seen to metaphysically un-cling the things that cling to us that are no longer needed — spiritually, mentally, and physically. … Almost the way a sponge can cleanse things from you that are stuck to you,” says Anthony Fleg, MD, an assistant professor of family and community medicine at the University of New Mexico.

If Kyrie thinks this spiritual cleansing is going to stop retired NBA Twitter from bullying him I think he might need something a little stronger than sage. Only Kyrie could pull off a move of this caliber. Other players might send a few subtweets or wear a graphic t-shirt with a hidden message, but Kyrie thinks a little differently.

The 32 Nets fans out there have to like what they see. The hype for this team a week before the season starts is shades of the 2019 Browns. The KD/Kyrie duo needs all the good energy the universe has to offer and it’s very possible the Celtics will be standing in their way. Might as well give that bad juju a few months to get as far away as possible.

The universe is going to be real confused who to pull for with this sage-off between Jaylen Brown and Kyrie.


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