Breaking Down A Potential Jake Paul vs Conor McGregor Fight

As one of the three resident fight bros at Branded Sports I felt it was only right that my first blog in about a week and a half would be a breakdown of the potential Jake Paul vs Conor McGregor fight.


Jake Paul stands at 6’1 which means he would tower over the 5’9 McGregor in the ring. Height can play a factor in a fight no doubt. But could Paul keep Conor at bay with a jab for 12 rounds (or 5 if they do MMA)? That is the $50 million dollar question.


Another advantage here for your little cousin’s favorite YouTube’er. Jake Paul weighed in at 189 pounds for his fight with Nate Robinson while the heaviest we’ve seen McGregor is 170 pounds (and as light as 145 pounds). Weight advantage goes to Jake Paul.


Come on is this even a serious question?


Net Worth:


Penis Size/Hubris:

I implore you to listen to this podcast to understand why Jake Paul acts the way he does.


This is like comparing a grape to a grapefruit. Yes they technically are cut from the same cloth but one is way bigger and the other is a small micropenis.


This fight should not and probably will never happen. Unless they go under the exhibition route there’s no way this fight gets sanctioned. But I’ll play along let’s say it does happen.

McGregor by whatever he wants.

The fight would go almost exactly like an episode of Bully Beatdown. For the unaware Bully Beatdown was a cool (and definitely NOT scripted show) from MTV back in 2011.

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