Aqib Talib Is Calling The Eagles Game Sunday, It’s Going To Be Amazing

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It was announced yesterday that for the Eagles Cardinals Fox would be having the Talib crew. And I call it the Talib crew because so far since he has made his debut this season, every game he brings gem after gem. Look at this highlight tape of his first game.

Yessssssss, feed me. He needs to be on every game where the teams both stink. He calls a game the same way a fan is at home watching a game and I need that. I’m just waiting for something to happen Sunday and Talib let out an accidental ‘Holy SHIT!!!’ Love Romo and Buck but Joe puts us to sleep and I don’t care that Tony knows every play before it happens.

Give me the guy that is just enjoying the game and letting it rip.

Featured Image: Phins Phanatic

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