Quick Preview Of Celtics Vs Sixers Tonight


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I think tonight is the most obvious 76ers blowout win EVER. Don’t get me wrong, preseason does not matter and if the Celtics win I’ll overreact to it cause I’m just a fan but I don’t think the Celtics have much of a chance. Sixers are home, they’re angry, they’re playing the team that swept them in the playoffs, new coach, several new players.

The problem with the Sixers is this is a big night for them. Obviously, everyone wants to win but the Sixers WANT to win. Which is just the perfect definition of what this team and Doc Rivers have been for the last 5ish years. Textbook definition of a regular season team, morale victories and not finishing the job in the playoffs.

Sixers -3 is a freebie, they might even win by double digits.

My goal is to get out of this game injury free and if the Celtics fall into a win that’ll be nice, too. I’d say see you in the playoffs, where it matters, but you and this team should not want any part of that.

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