One NFL Coach Said Jalen Hurts Will Be Very Easy To Stop


After Sunday the town of Philadelphia is a buzz. Is Jalen Hurts the real deal? Will he win out and lead the Eagles to an NFC East crown? Is Wentz cooked? People seem ready to move on from Carson and hitch their wagon to Hurts. I’m not sold and from the sounds of it, not many NFL coaches are either.

NBC Sports: In wondering why Doug Pederson was so hesitant to compliment Hurts after Sunday’s win, The Athletic’s Mike Sando asked a few coaches around the league what they thought of Hurts’ performance against the Saints. One coach said:

“From what I saw, it will be very easy to stop that kid,” an offensive coach said of Hurts. “The Saints just weren’t ready for some of the stuff they did and he had some good runs. He had a couple wild throws, too. The next defense they play will have a plan for it and it’ll be much harder for him.”

I completely agree with this take. Not that Hurts is bad, I don’t think he is but he wasn’t as solid as people think on Sunday. His legs saved him from a ton of trouble and what would have been an underwhelming performance. Per PFF, Jalen Hurts finished last in passing and overall grade.

Without his very impressive run Sunday, we are all having a much different conversation. With three games left the Eagles aren’t mathematically out of the race yet, no matter how bad I want them to be. They travel to Arizona, Dallas before finishing with Washington. If Jalen starts all of the last three he should be fine in Dallas but the other two will be tough tests for the kid.

It also doesn’t bode well for Hurts that he had such a poor passer rating when he wasn’t sacked and he was only hit one time. That will not be the case this week and most certainly won’t be vs Chase Young and Washington week 17.

Rooting for Hurts to play well but this is still Carson’s team. Just need a GM that can provide for him, a coach that knows what to do with him and a wide receiver to stop talking shit to the media and play for him.

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