Georgia And Texas A&M Need To Play Each Other This Weekend


If you know anything about Joe you know that I love college football playoff scenarios more than I love air to breathe. And this year with complete unpredictability, we have ourselves an opportunity to really make things interesting.

So Georgia and Vandy got cancelled and Mark is right that UGA is looking for an opponent. Where Mark is wrong is that it should be Georgia Tech. No thank you. Georgia and Texas A&M need to get on the phone and make this happen. Both teams have everything to gain and only Texas A&M has anything to risk.

So what’s in it for both teams?

Georgia is currently ranked 10th and are trying to lock down a spot in a NY6 bowl game. You know how you do that? Beat #5 Texas A&M. Bulldogs do that and they would most likely jump from 10 to 6 or 7. Of course if you’re Georgia you could play an easier opponent like Tech and force the committee to make a tough call but screw that. Nut up and play the Aggies. Give the people what they want, more SEC action.

As for Texas A&M, they NEED this game. Not want, NEEEEEEEEED. Playing Tennessee this weekend does nothing for them. They are trying to leap frog teams that are playing in their respective conference championships. They don’t need to beat the brakes off a 3-6 Tennessee team. That won’t help them get into the CFB Playoffs unless of course Ohio State or Clemson loses. Which is the risk. Texas A&M has the opportunity to sit still this weekend and if Notre Dame can beat Clemson or the unthinkable happens and Ohio State gets upset, they most likely sneak in.

But A&M should want to control their own destiny. Georgia is a top 10 team and honestly, not nearly as strong as the committee is giving them credit for. UGA is good but very beatable and I think you put these two teams out there and Texas A&M rolls. They beat Georgia and even if Ohio State wins, the Aggies would have a legit case to jump them in the rankings. And even if you think, there is no way a Big Ten Champion Ohio State gets jumped just because A&M beats Georgia. Fine but then you would have to agree though that it gives them a much better shot than if A&M plays Tennessee. So why not give yourself the best shot.

Let’s make this happen SEC. No one wants to watch Georgia vs Tech or A&M vs Tennessee. Do the right thing and let’s get this on the books people.

Featured Image: USA Today

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