The NY Post Decided To Be The Moral High Ground And Get A Paramedic Fired, During A Pandemic, For Having An OnlyFans


Well well well, smut blogger meets tabloid in this battle for internet supremacy. To be clear, I am the smut blogger (see my last two blogs) and the NY Post is the tabloid. I know you all knew what I meant but CEO Joe runs a tight ship, I’m not trying to get fired. Where would I post all of my Halsey and Vanessa Hudgens blogs if I got the boot?

In all seriousness this is an absolute joke. I almost said travesty but I feel like that is a bit strong. So, let me catch you up to speed. We have a paramedic, she isn’t making enough money so she starts an OnlyFans, somehow some loser, slob finds it and writes about it now she is on the brink of being blacklisted from NYC paramedic jobs, I guess cause they’re fucking losers who will jerk off to her tits but not hire her.

*DEEP breath*

I think I briefly covered what is happening without going into a boring amount of detail.

Side note. I’m like the Edgar Allen Poe of blogging right? Devilishly handsome for my time, and a drunk who writes bullshit that the masses love. Not to pat myself on the back but look I’m patting myself on the back.

Okay, back to being serious. A lot, and I mean a fucking lot, of people are spinning the NY Post piece into a think piece about first responders/paramedics as a whole not making enough money to live on, especially during a pandemic thing. Since high school, I have been arguing with the olds that a $15 minimum wage is fair and honestly less than it should be because of inflation (if minimum wage went up with inflation it should be over $18 an hour right now) and the olds always used paramedics as an example. “Why should someone who is working at McDonalds make $15 when a paramedic is only making $15”. This folks is what we call missing the point. As I continue to get off track here my point back then and my point now is these people aren’t making enough money. An even bigger point is even if they were making enough money why THE FUCK does the NY Post care if this paramedic is showing her tits to dudes on the internet willing to pay to see them? Why is this a story? I know “sex work” is still fairly taboo but how is her showing some nips worse then some slob writing bullshit on the NY Post for ad revenue?

Listen, maybe I am a very single (ladies my DMs are open) 24 year old guy but I would much rather more boobs on the internet then articles about literally anything from dudes like this.

I’ve always said, I am not an OnlyFans guy, that does not mean I think you should be fired or have your career ruined for showing some nudity on the internet. Honestly, I don’t know what this girl was posting on OF but she could be posting daily gang bangs and unless it is affecting her work she should not need to worry about her job security. It is time we get our shit together, worrying about consenting adults doing things we deem sexual for other consenting  adults is none of our fucking business. Grow up America.

Story going under the radar, being blacklisted from NYC EMS? Not to throw stones and all but maybe you guys get off you’re fucking high horse. Absolute losers.

For those Chris here is her IG.

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