Pac 12 Championship Game Changed

COVID has struck once again in the College Football season…This time it has caused the Pac-12 North winners the Washington Huskies to withdraw from the title game on Friday night.

The Huskies were scheduled to take on the Pac-12 South champion USC Trojans who finished the season 5-0 and currently are ranked 15th in the country. Now, due to a COVID outbreak on the Huskies team causing them to not be able to field the 53 man team they would need, the Oregon Ducks now get the chance to step in.

Oregon finished the regular season with a record of 3-2 and come into the game on a two game losing streak. In the five games that USC played this season I can’t say they have looked all that great and don’t see them making the College Football playoff by any means. I think as fans we would have much rather have seen the Huskies and Trojans go head to head but unfortunately that is not the case. When it comes to College Football nothing is automatic and Oregon could easily pull off the upset here but I just don’t see it happening.

This change could also have an impact on how the committee decides who makes the playoff or not based on what happens this weekend. Here is a look at how the top four currently shape up…

And here is a look at the Conference Championship games for this weekend…

Alabama looks actually unbeatable, I mean they have been absolutely dominate this year and it’s been scary. Mac Jones looks like a future NFL star and their defense is still no joke. While I think Florida could put up a fight I see no chance they beat Alabama. Ohio St. should roll against Northwestern and if they don’t and somehow Northwestern wins, that would be the biggest upset this year. The ACC Championship game is where things get really interesting. Clemson vs Notre Dame for the second time this season as the Tigers will look to avenge their loss earlier in the year when they were without Trevor Lawrence and Multiple defensive starters. Whichever team wins is in as the #2 team in the country, now if Notre Dame were to lose I still think they deserve to be in. So if I was on the committee my top four based off what I think happens will look like this…

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Ohio St.
  4. Notre Dame

I don’t think whoever wins the Big 12 should get in based on the Conference Champion will have two loses regardless. Coastal Carolina is 11-0 going for 12-0 if they win the Sun Belt and honestly I’d be okay if Notre Dame got knocked out because of them. It would be absolute chaos and they would be the first non power 5 team to make the playoff. Cincinnati could also go undefeated if they win their conference championship but based off their strength of schedule I can’t see them being a playoff team. Last but not least Texas A&M have a real chance to make it as long as they take care of business and they would most likely be the last team in if Notre Dame looses. It’ll be an interesting weekend for College Football and I am ready for complete and utter mayhem. Feed me all the Conference Championship games and feed me nothing but chaos.


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