Happy Birthday To Our Queen Vanessa Hudgens

I simply can not believe the amount of disrespect I receive here at Branded. I blog about Vanessa Hudgens being the only women I care about and I get the horny police called on me. I don’t blog about it being a national holiday Vanessa Hudgens’ birthday and I get called out for not blogging it. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! I AM ONLY ONE MAN!!!

Putting the disrespect and torment I see on a daily basis to the side, Happy Birthday Queen V! Turning 32 and looking 22, an absolute gem and gift on Earth. She makes me think God might actually be real. We do not deserve to breath the same air as you.

In complete and total reality, there was only two (2) blogs on the entire website today so daddy has to come in and save the show. Enjoy some Vanessa Hudgens pictures.




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