Caroline Calloway Made Over $100,000 On OnlyFans This Year

First things first, congrats to Caroline Calloway. I’m not an OnlyFans guy but to make $100,000 on nudes is definitely something. Apparently, she used the money she made from OF to pay back a debt to a publishing company. Honestly, I didn’t care enough to find out what it was for but if you’re that curious Google it.

Caroline posting her nudes has been great for her and for me. Now I didn’t make 100k off of them like she did but my two blogs about her this year did very well.

My first blog about her (Click here to read) is my most viewed blog of 2020. That blog was about her posting her nudes on Twitter for the first time and also her just covered in cum. That was from April. My second blog (Click here to read) was her addressing the vicious rumors that she had an abnormally long ass. The internet can be a cruel place. This was my eighth most viewed blog this year.

Since paying off her debt it does appear that she has stopped posting to OF, prayers up for all the simps who dropped $50 a month on her. Back in May she was in the top 0.37% of everyone on OF and I have to assume that as the year went on she continued to be in the elite tier on OnlyFans.

Caroline, I know you read these, thank you for the content you gave me earlier this year. Clearly I needed it. If you decide to start posting nudes again let me know so I can blog that as well, my DMs are open.

For everyone upset or disappointed you can’t pay to see her naked anymore, this is for you.

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