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Being a part of the Save La Salle Baseball movement has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. La Salle was the only place that gave me a chance. A place to find myself, both on and off the field. Every single thing in my life right now I owe to my four years as an Explorer.

Finding a way to bring back a program that was seemingly dead in the water just two months ago has not been easy. We have been told it was creating false hope; told it was impossible for a few young alums to generate enough interest to bring this back; told it WAS NOT WORTH SAVING.

And I think that is why it’s so impressive to be where we are today. Earlier this week, we announced the launch of the La Salle Legends Foundation. The Legends Foundation was established not only to bring back La Salle Baseball but create a vehicle to drive capital improvements and fund the program in perpetuity. We NEED to continue to develop legends on and off the field.

Our motto “Honoring the past, by building the Future” is representative of that mindset. We have endless amounts of former players that have gone on to change the world, and it’s through those great men that we will build the future of the program. We need to do a better job highlighting that. We need to do a better job of appreciating that. And that is why we have our motto. And that is why we named our Foundation that is going to save our beloved program after all the legends that came before us.

So watch this video. Find out more about our program. Find out why YOU should help us Save La Salle Baseball. This is about much more than baseball. We are changing the world through sports.

What are our first objectives going to be with the money we raise? Build new facilities. Improve the D1 experience for the players. And become a bigger help to the surrounding community. Again, this is more than baseball. La Salle Baseball is going to be not only a powerhouse in the Northeast but an organization that uses baseball to help build the next generation of men.

We talked more about the Foundation, the motives behind it, and what the future looks like on the most recent episode of Skyline Spew. Give it a listen. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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