Sixers Now “Favorites” To Land James Harden

We all need a distraction from the debacle that is the Eagles and well hello! We got one!

Think we’re all on the same page thag this is a great move, IF you don’t have to give up Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid to acquire Harden. In a league predicated by “Big 3’s”, giving up one (younger) star for another, still leaves you with two stars. That’s math even I can do.

Harden is an elite scorer. His handle is ridiculous and there is something aesthetically pleasing about his left handed jumper. Any fan would be lucky to watch that night in and night out. The Sixers would be especially lucky seeing as they’ve never had a “closer” post-Process aside for a few months of Jimmy Butler.

But something is still holding me back. Something is still not selling me on Harden, even as Meek Mill tries his best to sell the city to Harden. He’s a bonafide star player, so why the mental roadblock on landing him?! I think I finally figured it out.

I think I’d be way more on board with James Harden to the Sixers if I didn’t witness this game:

One of the all-time funniest moments in basketball history.

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