Announcing Our New NBA Podcast, Drunk Off PNR


It’s time baby.

I’m super happy we can finally announce that Aidan and I will be hosting a new podcast at Branded. Aidan of course blogs here at Branded and is the host of Birds Vs Boys with KMess. Super entertaining, super knowledgeable and I’d like to think I’m the same when it comes to the NBA. I’m a Celtics fan, he’s a Sixers fan but this is an all encompassing NBA podcast, there might be shows where we never even mention either of our favorite teams. What I really want is a show two guys are just talking, NBA is the focus but we’re going to touch on things from other sports pop culture, social media anything we want really.

It’s been over a year since I’ve had my own podcast so I’m super excited. After helping launch our podcast network it’s going to be nice to have my own show again.

First episode will be coming out Tuesday December 15th and then every Wednesday after that. (Tuesday is Aidans birthday so we are recording on Monday instead, also make sure you wish him a happy birthday).

The show doesn’t have a Twitter but you can follow the Instagram and TikTok, going to have a lot of fun content and clips from the show on there! And for anyone curious about the name “Drunk Off PNR”, I like the beer PBR and I said I was drunk off pbr before recording an episode of Birds Vs Boys when I filled in for KMess. Aidan thought Drunk Off PNR would be a funny name and I agreed, we’re not complex people folks. PNR stands for Pick And Roll if that wasn’t obvious.

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