Donovan McNabb Screwed The Eagles


If your an Eagles fan then you already know the history of the beef between Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens. Well it’s still going on and I am here to say I am team T.O.

I loved McNabb, I really did and he was a great QB for our organization and I appreciate what he accomplished so I’m not here to hate on the guy. I do think though it’s safe to say he completely screwed this city out of multiple championships. As just a young lad back in the glory days when the Eagles were playing in the NFC Championship game almost every year this is something that I’m just not cool with. I should have been that annoying Boston kid with the sign saying this many championships in this many years but instead I’m the guy that cant stand that fucking kid and am super jealous.

We had a generational talent at wide receiver to go along with a great QB, a solid run game and a dominate defense. This team was setup for years to come and it all came crashing down after just one magical year. T.O. deserved to be paid I mean the guy went out and played in the Super Bowl on a broken freakin leg. He was an instant game changer and had proven that he was one of the top receivers to ever play the game. He was easily on his way to becoming probably the greatest receiver in Eagles history had McNabb not gotten jealous and caused T.O. to leave. Just imagine had the Eagles pulled off that Super Bowl win in 2004 and then went on to win like 3 more. I hope there is an alternate reality where that exist and if somehow I can get put there it would be greatly appreciated so I don’t have to deal with the current Eagles team we have.

Also, Terrell any chance you’d be willing to suit up for us now? I’d trust you over just about anybody else we have right now.

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