Let’s Guess What Trae Young’s Shoe Deal Will Look Like


First things first big congrats to Trae, it was only a matter of time until this happened. Adidas basketball shoes are ehh so this is a leap of faith, I’m sure he’s getting a monstrous bag though. I don’t know much about shoe deals but I feel like ten years $100 million is probably in the table right?

He already has a logo, it’s just like a basic ass T with a Y in it, I’ll post the picture of it here.

I have an idea for a better logo. Jordan has the Jumpman. Shaq has him dunking I’m not sure if it has a name. Kawhi has the Claw. Traes logo should be his hair. The dude just has a bad head of hair. I know last time someone wrote about Traes hair they got called racist, still not sure how that works but it happened. It’s not a race thing, guys hair just stinks. BUT it would be funny to have his logo just like be the outline of his hair, have it on like the heel. Call it “The Hair”.

Mic drop.

You would immediately know who’s shoes they were. “Oh he got the new Trigga Traes”. Adidas this ones free but the next time I give you absolute gold I’m sending an invoice.

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