Big Ten Changing The Rules To Get Ohio State Into The Playoffs


I get it, you want your conference in the CFB playoffs because that means money. I’m not an idiot, but damnit, why Ohio State? Wanted to see them get screwed over so bad. ME and every other red blooded American outside of that piece of shit state Ohio. So it sounds like Ohio State will now meet Northwestern in the Big Ten title game and I stand by what I said on radio. I’m still not convinced that an undefeated Ohio State team gets in over a 1 loss Texas A&M.

The Aggies have a much more impressive schedule so far and Ohio State only playing 6 total games after the Big Ten title is just not enough. They also have no real statement wins. Indiana can’t be your best win when you’re talking about trying to get in over an SEC team. And if somehow Indiana loses to Purdue this weekend, you can basically say it eliminates OSU as well.

Either way this was expected. The Big Ten is catering to Ohio State again. I’m not a Penn State fan, actually hate them for the most part. But if this happened to PSU, there is NO SHOT the ADs meet to talk about bending the rules. I hope Ohio State tries to schedule a game this week and loses. They will most likely schedule some cupcake in the division, oh wait, they’ve played all of them aka their entire schedule.

Go Northwestern

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