Nolan Patrick Ready To Return?


The NHL is currently doing their 31 in 31 series where they break down all the teams in the league for the upcoming season over the next 31 days. Well, yesterday was the Philadelphia Flyers day and the official NHL Twitter account put out an interesting tweet…..


We haven’t gotten much of an update about Nolan Patrick throughout this off-season as the only thing we really know is that he has played in a few scrimmages. Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher has been keeping everyone in the dark when it comes to Nolan and part of that could be because he may not be too sure what’s going on himself. Patrick, who missed all of last season with a migraine condition would be a huge addition to the Flyers for the upcoming season.

These migraines could come back at any time and could cause Nolan to miss more time which is another reason as to why we haven’t had much of an update on him. I think him playing in the scrimmages throughout the summer was definitely a good sign. Regardless though he will still need to be cleared by the doctors in order to get back into the lineup. We still don’t know if he has been cleared yet and while we might not know, I do believe the Flyers organization has a very good idea of whether or not Patrick will be ready for the season.

This offseason was a quiet one for the Flyers and maybe part of the reason for that other than the limited cap space is because the team knows they will be getting a solid option at center back for the season. This Flyers team doesn’t have many needs and getting back Nolan Patrick, who by the way is still only 22 years old would be the best addition the Flyers could have gotten.

Either way the most important thing is the health of Nolan Patrick and hopefully things are trending in the right direction so we can see him back out on the ice sooner rather than later.


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