Doug Pederson Has Named Jalen Hurts QB1

Writing has been on the wall but they finally did it. I’ve tweeted about it, I’ve blogged about it I even went on Birds Vs Boys last week and talked about it. Hurts should be starting. There are so many problems with this Eagles team, including the QB. The problem is you can’t replace an entire offensive line in the middle of the season. You can’t replace all of your linebackers in the middle of the season. You can replace your QB who leads the league in sacks and turnovers with the guy you drafted in the second round though.

Each passing day it becomes more clear that what most likely happened is, just like Foles before him, Carson had a great 11 or so games and then the real Carson came out. You can blame injuries, coaching, the talent around him but at the end of the day he isn’t that guy from 2017 and he will never be that guy again.

Hopefully, some team will eat some money and you can trade him without fucking yourself.

Hurts being competent might be worst case scenario because I don’t know if Howie and Doug get fired now. Hurts might be the right move and because of management it probably won’t matter.

Fly. Eagles. Fly.

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