China Says Mt. Everest Is Actually Taller Than We Thought It Was


I have several questions. First, what provoked this? Like why did China and Nepal feel it necessary to double check how tall this mountain was? I genuinely can’t figure out the reasoning. Is there like a mountain census? Is this something that just gets done every 10 years?

I know we learned in school the plates in the earth move and that’s how mountains are formed and they can get bigger still, I get that. So, scientifically this checks out. As an ignorant American I do have to ask, what happened where this is being checked out? Like, did another Mountain grow so Nepal called China like “Russia is catching up we gotta check on Everest”?

The report is that the mountain has grown 0.86 meters. I had to look up the conversion to feet because again, ignorant American. You could tell me a meter is 40 feet I have no clue. Side note, why do we spell it meter but other places spell it metre? Is that like grey and gray or favorite and favourite? Just depends where in the world you are. Turns out 0.86 meters is like 2 feet, um what. You’re going to sit there and tell me someone measured a MOUNTAIN and we found out it’s 2 feet taller? I smell a cover up. Everest is probably only like 20,000 feet tall and they forgot to carry the 1 last time they checked so they’re overcompensating.

Flat earthers need to abandon their hopeless cause and join me over here. Mt. Everest is only a steep hill, we’ve been lied to.

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