The Eagles Can Not Go Back To Wentz

Did Carson Wentz just become the most expensive backup in the NFL?

I am anything but unbias. I have been yelling play Hurts since the Eagles couldn’t beat the Bengals if I remember correctly. Now, I’m a Hurts guy, I think Wentz (before this year) was good but overpaid and overrated. After tonight’s game, where Doug finally gave Hurts a shot and he was actually a competent QB, Carson’s days are numbered. Unfortunately, for Eagles fans Hurts probably just saved Howie and Doug’s jobs. Better late than never I guess, right?

At worst you now know Hurts can do what Wentz has done with this offense, no need to pay Wentz if Hurts can do what he can. Next year will Wentz be good again? Maybe. Is he going to bring this abysmal team to the playoffs? Doubtful. So, run Hurts out there. Pray Howie can build him a line and find another weapon to put out there with Reagor and Goedert and lets see the man cook. The defense has MASSIVE holes, you need a kicker and Doug is still a bad coach but Jalen, not Wentz, gives you the financial flexibility you need to try and make the team better based on contract alone.

If you started Hurts the last few games who knows, maybe you wouldn’t miss the playoffs playing in the worst division in NFL history. I do have to think after the rumors last week that this call to play Hurts came from ownership. Same reason Howie drafted him, Lurie is a Hurts guy and he should be.

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