Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather, But Why?

W T Fuck?

I’m not one of those of those “keep the shenanigans” out of combat sports (one of my all time favorite fights is a 400 pound sumo wrestler vs a 170 pound grappler) but I have zero desire to watch pay for this fight.

It’s two people who have zero desire to fight each other but instead have combined their huge inflated egos to rake in a huge payday, but I can’t blame them for it. If my name carried even 0.000001% of Mayweather or Paul’s value I’d be filming regional used car lot commercials daily.

But let’s get back to the “fight”. This’ll most likely be an exhibition bout because there’s no way any athletic commission is sanctioning a bout between the GOAT boxer and a vlogger. It’ll most likely be an exhibition match (code word for 80% sparring 20% fighting) where these two will most likely throw together a gam plan to make the fight look interesting and competitive but making sure to avoid actually doing any damage to the other physically or mentally.

Even though I have zero interest in throwing down my hard earned Branded money on the fight that doesn’t mean I won’t be checking Twitter to see what happened. Which leads me to my prediction on this fight.

1. @Saint will tweet a picture announcing a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul.

2. They’ll both hype up the fight (which will probably be at minimum $79 on PPV) leading to a huge meltdown on Twitter.

3. Logan Paul will hype up the fight as him wanting to prove he’s more than an internet tough guy (and what better way than KO’ing the GOAT boxer).

4. Floyd will hype up Paul as a credible threat.

5. Non boxing fans will be tricked into thinking they’re actually going to box full force (neither Paul or Maywesther’s ego’s would let that happen though).

6. At least a million PPV buys will be tallied and when the main event starts and fans realized they were honeydicked when Paul and Mayweather dance around the ring for 8 rounds.

7. People will be voicing their angry opinions on Twitter and tweet #LoganPaulIsCancled.

8. Logan Paul will pretend that this wasn’t the plan the entire time in the form of a 15 minute vlog.

9. Paul will upload the video, shut down his computer and proceed to mock every idiot who bought the fight.

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