Acceptable Reasons to Attack a Referee

John Rich

A video went viral Thursday night of a high school football player attacking a referee. As I understand it, the ref ejected the player from the game. In retaliation, the player did an attempted murder.


Everyone was quick to chastise this player, but I don’t think we should rush to judgement. We don’t know the full backstory of why he decided to blast this referee into the sun. Sure, he got kicked out of the game, but there could have been other reasons on top of that. Here are some scenarios in which I would find it acceptable to attack an official.


He made a pass interference call in a snarky way

Any ref who smugly calls pass interference against your team deserves to have terrible things happen to him. There’s nothing more infuriating than when a big stupid pompous referee throws his big dumb yellow flag onto the field, turns on his microphone like a cocky little prick and penalizes the football team of the college you wish you went to for 15 yards.


He was recently in front of you in line at the gas station and he was playing lottery tickets at the counter

People who play lottery tickets in the front of a gas station line should be immediately thrown in jail. They will literally sit there and have the gas station attendant scan dozens and dozens of lottery tickets with multiple people in line behind them and the gas station just allows it to happen when all I want to do is buy some Juul pods. Grow the fuck up, go home, and lay a parlay like an adult.


He was recently in front of you turning left at a stoplight and he didn’t pull out into the middle of the intersection so when the light turned red he didn’t make the left turn so you had to wait another full cycle of lights until the green turn arrow came back up

If you are at a stop light turning left, as the light turns red, you are allowed to make that left turn. The rule is as the light turns red the next 3 people in line are allowed to make the left. If you did not already get out of your car, slash all 4 of his tires, pour sugar in his gas tank, and strangle him through the window, you are free to assault him on the football field.


You just bumped your head really hard a second ago

The rage that overcomes you when you bump your head really hard must be released. It’s unhealthy to bottle that shit up. Take it out on somebody who doesn’t deserve it.


He called you a slur

Goes without saying but that’s obviously fair game.


He called you ‘buddy’

The level of disrespect when someone calls you buddy deserves severe retaliation.


He was your Uber driver and he missed a turn



He tried to aggressively up-sell you on an oil change then made you feel bad about getting the standard GTX Ultraclean for your car that has over 75,000 miles

Fuck you Garrett


He’s jacked for no reason

Ok Mr. Muscles let’s see what you got




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