Outdoor Rink Season?


So January is quickly approaching and we still do not have a set date for the NHL season. I’m not gonna say I’m not worried. I’m fine though, I’m fine…

These guys really need to figure it out because I am going through some serious hockey withdrawal and I don’t know how much longer I can last. I need to see Kevin Hayes scoring shorthanded goals and I need to hear Travis Konecny chirping everyone he comes across. Anyway, we had some interesting news come out the other day. There are some NHL teams that are exploring the idea of playing their home games outdoors since if they do it indoors they won’t be able to have fans.

Ummmmmm absofuckinglutly lets make this happen! I am all for part of the season being played outdoors, it would be absolutely electric and would make every game feel like it means that much more. The Bruins playing in Fenway Park, the Rangers playing in Yankee Stadium, the Ducks playing somewhere with a beach backdrop. I mean it would be fucking incredible. I’ll even say this as much as I hate everything about their city, fans, and team….seeing the Penguins playing outdoors at PNC Park with the bridges in the background would be awesome. I never said that if anyone ever calls me out on it.

Now nothing is official but there has been at least four teams that have reached out to their respective cities to see what kind of outdoor options they might have. Those teams include the Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, Carolina Hurricanes, and the Los Angeles Kings. While they may not play every game outdoors, there is a chance they play a few of them to try and make up for lost revenue for fans not being in attendance.

There have also been talks of making it a 56 game season starting a little bit later in January now that the January 1st start date is looking grim. The only real good news to come out of this week so far is that Gary Bettman and Don Fehr have at least had some conversations so hopefully that means something will get done in the next few days.


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