In A Surprising, Yet Not Surprising Turn Of Events. We’ve Got Mike Missanelli And Jason Whitlock Arguing About ‘Blackness’

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I mean, we’re talking about PEAK 2020 headlines here. Mike Missanelli, non-black man, telling Jason Whitlock, confirmed black man, what isn’t and isn’t blackness. What are we doing here fellas?

First Mike came at Whitlock and Jason clapped back pretty quickly

After that exchange Mike responds but in a weird move, Missanelli deletes his first tweet. I can’t understand the move because if you’re trying to defend your original point, you don’t remove said point.

First things first, Jason Whitlock is a blow hard. He is a race baiting pot stirrer in my humble opinion. So anything he says should be taken with a grain pound of salt. But in this case Mike looks like an idiot. Even if he’s right, which he might be but just like Mike, I’m a white guy. So I, to Whitlock’s point, am not the authority to tell a black man if he is being proud enough of his ‘blackness.’ Feels like a no win situation Mike is putting himself in here but lately that seems to be his MO.

Might go ahead and mute both of these guys and breathe a little easier tonight. Don’t need all this nonsense on the timeline. Let’s get back to South Park clips.

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