Chavy’s Thoughts December 4th 2020 (With Paid Ads)

Hey Branders long time no read am I write? I’m back to guide you into the weekend with another edition of my takes and thoughts that are too short to be a blog but good enough to be combined into one big super blog.

Apple Music was never my friend

With the end of the year nearing its time for everyone to hop on social media once again for its intended use. To share something with your followers that they couldn’t give a single fuck about. That’s right “Wrapped” is here to once again show either how basic someone’s music taste are, or show jus how desperate people are to show how they don’t conform to the “norm” and listen to 100,000 minutes of hipster rock (which is just women queefing into a mic over a royalty free riff).

This is something that’s made me avoid Spotify for the last couple of years but recently I had a sudden chance of heart. When I realized you could listen to podcasts and songs in the same app I realized that it was time to give Apple Music my notice. So far as a premium Spotify enjoyer I have to say it’s been a pleasant experience. The seamless transition from listening to Creed’s greatest hits to my favorite sports betting podcast BMOB (Big Man On Basketball) all in the same app has given me the bliss I’ve longed for (the Dale to my Clare for reference).

RIPIP to the longest relationship I’ve ever had.

Pods on Pods on Pods

So you’ll probably notice that lately I’ve been slacking on my blogging, or maybe you haven’t. No it’s not because I’m recovering from the post holiday food coma, I’m focusing on the podcast Walsh, Mac, and myself have been working on the last couple of months.

Whether it’s the tweeting from podcast’s social media page (Twitter @BrandedPlay), to getting a new logo and undergoing a slight rebrand, to working on a few special episodes, it’s something I’m working hard on to make a regular thing for 2021 (and I guess every year after that….except 2031 I think that’s a good stopping point for a podcast).

So having said that you guys and gals know the drill. I have a riffin pod for your listening pleasure this week “Squirt Harbor” and after you’re done listening to that (and you’re not brain dead from it) listen to my interview with our newest Ohio blogger John “BG” Rich (Twitter @JohnRichTV). John like myself has a weird brain and knack for writing off the wall blogs so it was only right that I be the one to initiate him into the Branded family.

Apple: LINK (Nerds please use this link)

Spotify: LINK (Fellow cool kids please use this link)

Now is the part where I put in the “call to action” right?

Well to anyone reading this I ask that you give the pod a listen, leave a review and if you’re feeling extra motivated feel free to follow our social, and give us any feedback on how to improve the show.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Barkeep a few Moscow Mules for me and my friends!

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