25 Days of Christmas


With it being the beginning of December and knowing that I have basically never seen the classic holiday movies, I have decided to start and have my own 25 Days of Christmas. Seems only fitting as my co-host on The Ginger Thread Podcast called me out SIX YEARS AGO for being a grouch. Since then, I believe I have truly grown into a person that likes this time of year except the weather.

I posted the question on my Instagram as to what movies I should watch. These were the results:

  1. Jingle All the Way
  2. Die Hard (2 votes)
  3. Arthur Christmas
  4. Christmas Chronicles (also got 2 votes)
  5. The Holiday
  6. Bad Santa
  7. White Christmas
  8. Home Alone 2 (2 votes once again)
  9. A Year Without Santa Claus
  10. Holidate
  11. All Hallmark movies
  12. Home Alone
  13. Elf

I have decide with this list that I will rate the movies 1-10 on cheesiness, plot line, and overall how much the movie puts me in the Christmas spirit. Stay tune for my ratings and as well if there is a holiday movie that you feel I need to watch of course, let a girl know!


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