Rockets’ Danuel House Publicly Apologized To Everyone *Except His Wife* For Sneaking A Female COVID Tester Into His Room And Getting Kicked Out Of The Bubble

For those who may have forgotten, my Los Angeles Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship which was totally legit with no asterisk at all but and so happened to take place inside the NBA bubble. So far the only sports league to construct a socially distant contained environment without becoming a petri dish or the Baltimore Ravens.

That is thanks to the zero thoterance policy of the NBA. Unless you were a certified wife or Instagram official, you weren’t allowed in a 6 mile radius of the NBA bubble. You may recall Houston’s Danuel House getting suspended right around the time the Lakers completed their gentleman’s sweep of the Rockets in round 2 of the NBA playoffs for allegedly having a female COVID tester in his Disney World hotel room.

According to America’s pulse, also known as Skip Bayless, losing Daniel House cost the Rockets the series and there was at least a 60% chance LeBron was the one to call the bubble snitch hotline. That’s a lot of weight to carry for a guy on a team that also included* James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

Now that 3 whole months have passed, House is ready to own up to his little mistake and take accountability for those most affected by his actions:

“I’d like to start off by apologizing to my team and the organization and the owner for the mishap that happened in the bubble,” the 27-year-old said.

“I’m focused. It’s behind me. It’s in the past. New year, new season. Looking forward to growing and expanding.”

House also said he was sorry to Houston’s fans … adding, “Sincere apologies from me, Danuel House Jr. to everyone.”

One noticeable name was missing from his apology tour though, his wife Whitney and the mother of his 3 kids.

If he wanted any chance of getting his wife back he would have gone into this training camp presser with some diamonds in his pocket. I’d settle for nothing less than 3 carats. A public spectacle of an apology, a fat diamond and an IOU for a post-covid PJ trip to Bora Bora should do it. There’s not even a trace of an IG post since at least 2017 though so maybe the non-apology says more than anything.

Will not hold my breath for James Harden’s apology to Houston fans.


*As of this blog Russell Westbrook is now a Washington Wizard. Surreal to type those actual words.

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