This Armed Robbery Has The Greatest Plot Twist You’ll Ever See


So armed robberies I feel like go 1 of 2 ways. Bad for the guy getting robbed or bad for the robber. Pretty much it. Never goes great for both parties….well that was until this video.

What a luckily guy, man with the gun turns out to be your old buddy from high school. That was a close one. I like to think as they were departing the guy with the gun said something along the lines of: ‘Hey great seeing you, let’s catch up soon. Also, be careful out here, people are crazy.’ Not sure how I’d feel if one of my friends tried to rob me at gun point. Think I’d be most upset that I clearly have an issue when it comes to making good judgement calls.

PS: This is basically the exact scene from Fun With Dick And Jane when Jim Carrey tries to stick that dude up at the ATM.

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